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How well do you know your customer? Let’s take this closer to home, how well do you know your business? Yes, you have a good idea but when is the last time you looked at your business processes, systems and resources?


Yes, I will ask the uncomfortable questions to see where we can improve efficiency, reduce redundancy and aggregate results and ultimately increase profitability.


It breaks my heart to come across smart passionate people barely surviving in business or you have a brilliant mind full of ideas but no clue what it would take to put “pen to paper”.

I think of the business owner that’s finally ready to expand but can’t see how? They sense this is the time, to go to the next level and are ready…but who will show them the way?


Where do you even go for help? You can’t exactly walk into a Big 5 consulting house. That’s where I come in. I have taken the plunge, it took over a year to analyze and document all the strategies, processes and proven systems I use with executives and CEO’s across the US.


Listen, when you get Kara Sakina you get 20 years of extensive strategic consulting experience, an innovative thought leader and my persistent passion committed to seeing your vision implemented.


We work with clients that range from small business owners to large corporations, we also love to work with non profits to deliver customized services to help you create a sustainable, scalable and efficient business that puts you in the position to be profitable and expand.


Consulting Services

● Project & Program Management

● Product Development

● Virtual Resource Development

● Technology Vendor Selection (RFP/RFI)

● Change, Risk and Operations Management

● Process Engineering

● Learning Program Development


Visit our Services page and schedule your Strategy session today!

The Consultant

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